Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Went to work

I went to work today. It was boring. The end.

No. Not really. I took this job in Astoria working at a thrift store. It's not super exciting.

I'm looking into some night classes the local community college.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fucking People

I keep getting offers for jobs that are complete shit. Even from people who think they know me. People keep offering to "help me out" by offering low paying jobs that are like graveyard weekends.
I'm getting fucking sick of it. I'm also sick of people taking advantage of my financial situation by trying to get me to take their jobs for little pay.

So if I take a job for shit wages I'm still going to be shit broke and I'm giong to be out my most precisous resource. I'm talking about time.

I just want to fucking yell at people I want to tell them I'M NOT A BLUE COLLAR PIECE OF SHIT. I'm not going to be fucking taken advantage of anymore. But these people are supposedly my friends. So I'm at the same time trying not to offend them.