Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to be great in bed

Here's something that pisses me off. Every time you pass the magazine rack at the check out counter you see these magazine covers that say something like "10 ways to be better in bed" or "How to be a great lover". Those magazines should say something don't just fucking lay there. Most women suck in bed. Nobody ever took the time to show them how to do it right. Sometimes it is the woman's fault she just doesn't want to learn.

So I am getting a blowjob and I have tell this girl how to do it right because she never learned and nobody else would show. She gets offended when I tell her how to do the shit right. Look bitch you are lucky I'm having sex with you at all. I don't see how men are so fucking pussywhipped they can't just tell a girl she sucks in bed.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spyware I hate it

Time to bitch about something else I hate. Spyware. I hate spyware. Fucking computer nerds can't get a job doing anything useful so they make programs to steal your data and sell it.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Here's something else I FUCKING HATE. Resumes. Fuck resumes. I hate them. People put a help wanted ad in the paper to find a perfect employee. I hate these fucking ads that say requires ten years experience and pays $10/hour. Are you fucking kidding me. If I worked somewhere for 10 years and all the skills I had aquired over the last ten years were only worth $10/hour I would fucking kill myself for being a fucking chumpdick. Honestly nothing pisses me off more then people who will settle.

What pisses me off more than low pay the qualifications employers expect from people for the work they want performed, It's resumes. I hate typing up a resume with all of my personal information, employment history, references, etc and just giving that to a perfect stranger so they just do god knows what with it. I sent out a lot of resumes last month. No one called me back. Nobody called. I got two emails.

I'm burned out on looking for a new job. I quit the old job because I was being financially exploited and my fucking cheap as boss was cutting corners to save a buck. It wasn't that he was so cheap that pissed me off, it was the fact that he cut corners on industrial safety. I had several time loss injuries working there but what did it for me was when his lack of foresight and cheapness put non-employees in danger.

Typed up so many resumes for jobs. Fucking sick of typing and pretty much just pissed off about the entire prospect of looking for a job.

College: Yet one more thing that pisses me off

I think what pisses me off most about college is instructors. Same thing that pissed me off about highschool. You have some nieve college motherfucker who has never had a real job his life telling you that studying is going to get your somewhere and you'll get yourself a career. If all your fucking college got you somewhere, then why the fuck are we in the same tax bracket when you have a PhD and I have a fucking GED. You know what will happen. I will go to school for next 7 years just to show up to a job interview with dipshit who is going to ask me if I played football in highschool. (No Mutherfucker I learned Kung Fu in high school so I could kick the shit out of muscle head jocks like you. Football is what is wrong with this country. Sports idiots. I'm pretty sick of highschools that have 3 million dollars to spend on a football field and no money for new math books. Hire someone who is an idiot like you to sell used Ford trucks.)

There's another thing that is wrong with this country. Ford every time I see someone driving a Ford truck I pretty much know they make poor life choices. Just about every mechanic I know drives a Chevrolet. Why? Chevy is reliable. Chevy is the brand a mechanic trusts. I'll buy a Chevy truck. Oh wait Chevy is made in Canada now. I will drive a Toyata. Made in Texas with pride.

Money Money Money

So they created a monetary system that is based on lies. You are being ripped off all of the time. So what the hell do you do about? You can't just get people to stop using money. The fake economy would collaps over night. People would actually have to barter with onanother and actually excercise social curtesy toward one another.

Of course all and all money is a good thing. The major problem with money in the United States is that we have such a top heavy economy. You have a few people who pretty much have all of the money. Big business in collusion with corrupt government steal are getting their hands into everything and eventually will control every aspect of your life if you let them.

The government is overtaxing you and then turning around and wasting your money. We gave money to Haiti. Haiti doesn't do shit for anyone. Most of the money in that country goes to govenment. There whitehouse is bigger than ours. Some fat bastard sits on his ass and eats steak and lobster every night while his countrymen live in poverty. Why are my tax dollars paying for this.

Why are my taxes paying for bailouts. Why is the government giving money to people who's businesses are already failing. Why don't they give some money to people for startup capital. Most of the small business grants are for people who already have a million dollars. Really? This is supposed to be the land of opportunity. So what about Joe American just out of high school? He can't get a grant to start a buiness. You have to already have a business to get any start up capital. So Joe American has to go to work for some company a company who very well might be recieving money from the government. He works his ass. His boss makes 100 times what he does. The company profits directly from his work. He's making $14/hour but the company is making $800+/hour from his work. He's being economically exploited. At his rate of pay he'll never be able to afford to start a business of his own. He's never be able to save up the investment capital he needs. The only option for him is to go to college but where do you get college money? Grants? Loans? Certainly he won't get the money he needs from working his shitty job.

The only way to get ahead in this life is to be indebted to someone who will help you out.

Meanwhile the Joe American is being systematically robbed of whatever chance for wealth. Forced everyday to choose between freedom and opportunity. He is a slave. It's not the kind of slavery where come and snatch you up out of the jungle and they whip you and make you pick cotton. It's the kind of slavery where you don't really know you are slave. You'll toyle your life away in pursuit of the Amerian Dream (I don't even know what the fuck that is anymore). I had a dream of being a physicist trying to figure out loopholes in space time. Or a volcanologist taking samples of lava flows in those really cool reflective suits. Tell me that wouldn't be cool. I'm sick of people telling me bullshit like "you can be whatever you want". Really because what I have no way of attaining.


Most people who are religious have something wrong with their brains. How else cn you be totally educated and still believe in that crap.

Christianity: God created man I his own image. "Let us create man in our own image" Well the us means plural so either there is more than one god or the bible was just written by men.

This is equally rediculous. God made a man then he made a woman out of his rib. The he sent satan to trick the girl into eating fruit. Since she was made out of fruit she was easy to trick into eating the fruit.

OK hold the fuck on here! Have you ever in your life seen a talking snake? Has one tried to convince you to eat fruit? OK then.

I could bitch abou this all day. There are some truths in most of the holy books from around the world but part about space aliens or astronauts are ignored and the part about invisible gods that live in the sky remain an integral part of so many religious beliefs. Were humans create by aliens? Who knows? The sky gods are really animals like us. Makes way more sense.

Just bitching

I'm starting a blog where I bitch about everything. I'm more and more just pissed off that noone wants to listen to anything I say. So what the hell I'll post it on the internet where people will read it on accident and get pissed off at me for telling the truth.