Monday, December 13, 2010


Here's something else I FUCKING HATE. Resumes. Fuck resumes. I hate them. People put a help wanted ad in the paper to find a perfect employee. I hate these fucking ads that say requires ten years experience and pays $10/hour. Are you fucking kidding me. If I worked somewhere for 10 years and all the skills I had aquired over the last ten years were only worth $10/hour I would fucking kill myself for being a fucking chumpdick. Honestly nothing pisses me off more then people who will settle.

What pisses me off more than low pay the qualifications employers expect from people for the work they want performed, It's resumes. I hate typing up a resume with all of my personal information, employment history, references, etc and just giving that to a perfect stranger so they just do god knows what with it. I sent out a lot of resumes last month. No one called me back. Nobody called. I got two emails.

I'm burned out on looking for a new job. I quit the old job because I was being financially exploited and my fucking cheap as boss was cutting corners to save a buck. It wasn't that he was so cheap that pissed me off, it was the fact that he cut corners on industrial safety. I had several time loss injuries working there but what did it for me was when his lack of foresight and cheapness put non-employees in danger.

Typed up so many resumes for jobs. Fucking sick of typing and pretty much just pissed off about the entire prospect of looking for a job.

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