Monday, December 13, 2010


Most people who are religious have something wrong with their brains. How else cn you be totally educated and still believe in that crap.

Christianity: God created man I his own image. "Let us create man in our own image" Well the us means plural so either there is more than one god or the bible was just written by men.

This is equally rediculous. God made a man then he made a woman out of his rib. The he sent satan to trick the girl into eating fruit. Since she was made out of fruit she was easy to trick into eating the fruit.

OK hold the fuck on here! Have you ever in your life seen a talking snake? Has one tried to convince you to eat fruit? OK then.

I could bitch abou this all day. There are some truths in most of the holy books from around the world but part about space aliens or astronauts are ignored and the part about invisible gods that live in the sky remain an integral part of so many religious beliefs. Were humans create by aliens? Who knows? The sky gods are really animals like us. Makes way more sense.

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