Monday, December 13, 2010

College: Yet one more thing that pisses me off

I think what pisses me off most about college is instructors. Same thing that pissed me off about highschool. You have some nieve college motherfucker who has never had a real job his life telling you that studying is going to get your somewhere and you'll get yourself a career. If all your fucking college got you somewhere, then why the fuck are we in the same tax bracket when you have a PhD and I have a fucking GED. You know what will happen. I will go to school for next 7 years just to show up to a job interview with dipshit who is going to ask me if I played football in highschool. (No Mutherfucker I learned Kung Fu in high school so I could kick the shit out of muscle head jocks like you. Football is what is wrong with this country. Sports idiots. I'm pretty sick of highschools that have 3 million dollars to spend on a football field and no money for new math books. Hire someone who is an idiot like you to sell used Ford trucks.)

There's another thing that is wrong with this country. Ford every time I see someone driving a Ford truck I pretty much know they make poor life choices. Just about every mechanic I know drives a Chevrolet. Why? Chevy is reliable. Chevy is the brand a mechanic trusts. I'll buy a Chevy truck. Oh wait Chevy is made in Canada now. I will drive a Toyata. Made in Texas with pride.

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