Monday, December 13, 2010

Money Money Money

So they created a monetary system that is based on lies. You are being ripped off all of the time. So what the hell do you do about? You can't just get people to stop using money. The fake economy would collaps over night. People would actually have to barter with onanother and actually excercise social curtesy toward one another.

Of course all and all money is a good thing. The major problem with money in the United States is that we have such a top heavy economy. You have a few people who pretty much have all of the money. Big business in collusion with corrupt government steal are getting their hands into everything and eventually will control every aspect of your life if you let them.

The government is overtaxing you and then turning around and wasting your money. We gave money to Haiti. Haiti doesn't do shit for anyone. Most of the money in that country goes to govenment. There whitehouse is bigger than ours. Some fat bastard sits on his ass and eats steak and lobster every night while his countrymen live in poverty. Why are my tax dollars paying for this.

Why are my taxes paying for bailouts. Why is the government giving money to people who's businesses are already failing. Why don't they give some money to people for startup capital. Most of the small business grants are for people who already have a million dollars. Really? This is supposed to be the land of opportunity. So what about Joe American just out of high school? He can't get a grant to start a buiness. You have to already have a business to get any start up capital. So Joe American has to go to work for some company a company who very well might be recieving money from the government. He works his ass. His boss makes 100 times what he does. The company profits directly from his work. He's making $14/hour but the company is making $800+/hour from his work. He's being economically exploited. At his rate of pay he'll never be able to afford to start a business of his own. He's never be able to save up the investment capital he needs. The only option for him is to go to college but where do you get college money? Grants? Loans? Certainly he won't get the money he needs from working his shitty job.

The only way to get ahead in this life is to be indebted to someone who will help you out.

Meanwhile the Joe American is being systematically robbed of whatever chance for wealth. Forced everyday to choose between freedom and opportunity. He is a slave. It's not the kind of slavery where come and snatch you up out of the jungle and they whip you and make you pick cotton. It's the kind of slavery where you don't really know you are slave. You'll toyle your life away in pursuit of the Amerian Dream (I don't even know what the fuck that is anymore). I had a dream of being a physicist trying to figure out loopholes in space time. Or a volcanologist taking samples of lava flows in those really cool reflective suits. Tell me that wouldn't be cool. I'm sick of people telling me bullshit like "you can be whatever you want". Really because what I have no way of attaining.

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