Friday, July 15, 2011

Low Paying Jobs

You've seen ads at the employment office for jobs that just don't pay anything.

I see a posting that is for like $8.90 per hour. How in the fuck could anyone live on that? After the government steals like 30% of your check so they can give money to people in foreign countries who never do a fucking thing for We The People, then you make your car payment. A car that you only drive to work because you don't have money to go anywhere else. Good luck ever buying some nice clothes or saving up for a house or even making enough to pay your living expenses while you are in school (Even with grants and loans) Yeah good luck with that. It's going to take some people just refusing to work to actually drive those wages up. The problem is there's a shitload of immigrants who will take those jobs. There's no money to be made at anything anymore. On top of there being less jobs there's more workers. Mass deportation is the only thing that will drive wages up. There's no other way the economy is going to recover. I always here some piece pf shit liberals on TV badmouthing the white man saying that Americans don't want to work or work hard. It's not that Americans don't want to work hard. We just don't want to work hard for nothing.

Another thing I'm fucking sick of is these trust fund college fuck who tell you that washing dishes at some dive restaurant is an opportunity. Yeah, it's an opportunity to live in a fucking trailer park and drive a piece of shit car.

You've got big government in the hands of wall street, industrialists, bankers, and everyone else who wants to bleed this country dry of everything it has. What happened to common people. I haven't heard anyone from any political party ever talk about a political philosophy that takes into account people's well being or happiness.

I don't know about you but I'm sick of being swindled.

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